Ursprung LP

Pantha Du Prince and German experimental producer Stephan Abry collaborate on a new album called Ursprung

During the late '90s Abry was a member of the German experimental outfit Workshop, and it's this forward-thinking influence he brings to the forthcoming full-length. Ursprung(which translates to "Origin") uses the guitar as a foundational sound source and sees Weber and Abry explore Krautrock and ambient territories. It's not the first time the two have worked together in recent years: Abry is credited as an instrumentalist on a few Pantha Du Prince productions, including "sound sources played on prepared instruments" for Weber's 2010 full-length Black Noise

01. Mummenschanz 

02. Ohne Worte
03. Seiland 

04. Exodus Now
05. Chrüzegg
06. Lizzy
07. In Aufruhr 

08. Nightbirds 

09. Kalte Eiche
10. Am Buachaille 

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