Bingo Merch was started in March 2006 by Keith Nealy.  An American ex-patriate, Keith has been living in Berlin since 1995. After years of road experience touring as a tech for Sonic Youth and then drumming and touring in his own band Cell in the early 90’s, Keith came to Berlin with the idea of trying it for 6 months and never left.  More tour work followed with German band Die Ärzte which was then followed by years of record company jobs with indie City Slang and then Virgin / EMI.  Feeling the urgent need to bail on the increasingly depressing major label music scene but wanting to utilise his accumulated knowledge of international touring, Keith started up Bingo Merch to help many of his friends in American bands get great quality, affordable shirts made but more importantly, to help plan and coordinate merchandising for their tours. Now the Bingo Merch webstore is home to a wide range of artists from all over the world. Welcome!