Selections from ROAD ATLAS 1998-2011 CD


Jewel Box Release

1. Half A Smidge 
2. Waitomo
3. Griptape
4. Glowing Heart Of The World
5. Entrenando A Los Tigres
6. All The Pretty Horses
7. Inch By Inch
8. Lost In Space
9. Boletos
10. El Morro
11. Gift X-Change
12. Detroit Steam
13. Ghostwriter
14. Cachaca
15. Crystal Frontier (Original Version)
16. Man Made Lake

A favourite with fans everywhere, Calexico have released eight exclusive "tour only“ CDs over the past thirteen years. For the first time ever, these records will undergo an exhilarating vinyl reissue in the form of a very limited and exclusive box set, limited to only 1100 copies worldwide.

In addition to this, the band has selected sixteen of their favourite songs from these records to compile this not-so-limited (but nonetheless exclusive) different kind of Calexico compilation CD.

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