Kiasmos II CD


Kiasmos have returned, renewed and restored, with ‘II’. It’s the triumphant followup to their universally acclaimed self-titled debut in 2014, which re-envisioned minimal techno with orchestral flourishes and weightless production. They’d made most of that album in just two weeks; this time it’s been 10 years.

On ‘II’ you can clearly hear how Kiasmos have evolved as sonic architects, in the album’s deeper acoustic textures, atmospheric ambience, restless grooves and ambitious string arrangements. Each song on the album is a mini epic, effortlessly moving between electronic, classical and rave, and then pulling back before you’ve had a chance to take a breath. This is Kiasmos – but more widescreen.


  1. Grown
  2. Burst
  3. Sailed
  4. Laced
  5. Bound
  6. Sworn
  7. Spun
  8. Flown
  9. Told
  10. Dazed
  11. Squared  

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