Dinosaur Jr.

Sweep It Into Space Webstore Exclusive Purple LP


UPDATE 10.03.21: Any orders placed after 10.03.21 will not be shipped until the second pressing is ready which will be after album release day (estimated shipping circa early June)

The track 'I Ran Away' will be available as an mp3 download at the time of purchase, with the full album following on release day.

Sweep It Into Space on limited webstore-exclusive 'light purple blast' opaque vinyl. 

1 - I Ain’t
2 - I Met The Stones
3 - To Be Waiting 
4 - I Ran Away
5 - Garden 
6 - Hide Another round
7 - And Me 
8 - I Expect It Always
9 - Take It Back
10 - N Say
11 - Walking To you
12 - You Wonder

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