Nada Surf

The Proximity Effect LP


Track Listing:
1. Hyperspace
2. Amateur
3. 80 Windows
4. Mother's Day
5. Troublemaker
6. Bacardi
7. Bad Best Friend
8. Dispossession
9. The Voices
10. Firecracker
11. Slow Down
12. Robot

We made demos for this in our then practice space on south 4th street in brooklyn, which we thought we were clever in naming shabby road. The internet quickly informed us that we weren’t the first clever ones. We hadn’t even come in sixth. The album sessions started at Avatar in New York, which used to be called the power station, and moved on to Venice, California at a remarkable place called Palindrome (pictured in the album’s booklet) which was built on the site of a hotel which had burned down after being featured in a 1958 film Touch of evil (Charlton Heston, Janet Leigh, Orson Welles). We did some additional overdubs at baby monster on 14th street back home. Fred Maher, a rock renaissance man, wore the producer hat this time. Here’s a very partial resume: born in New York, swept onto the road as a drummer by Lou Reed at age 17, joins Scritti Politti for Cupid & Psyche ’85, and goes on to produce Matthew Sweet’s Girlfriend, Lou Reed’s new york, Luna’s debut Lunapark, and four Lloyd Cole records. We thought we had a lot to prove with this one.

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