Son Lux

Alternate Forms White LP


A track-by-track reworking of Son Lux’s 2013 album Lanterns, featuring reworkings by Kishi Bashi, Sen Morimoto, KAINA, Sedcairn, Sound of Ceres, Chris Pattishall, Vuyo Sotashe, Jordan Munson, Isaiah Robinson, Anna B Savage, DM Stith, vōx, Alex Vincent, Kilmanzego, and Omari Jazz. The album’s artwork has also been reimagined by Lanterns cover art designers Ryan Sievert and Anthony Ciannamea

01) Alternate World (Alternate Life) - Kishi Bashi
02) Lost It To Trying (Rise) - Sen Morimoto + KAINA
03) Ransom (All Innocence) - Sedcairn + Sound of Ceres
04) Easy (Fight to Forget) - Chris Pattishall + Vuyo Sotashe
05) No Crimes (New History) - Jordan Munson + Isaiah Robinson
06) Pyre (Alarm Bells) - Anna B Savage + DM Stith
07) Enough Our Machines (Walk Away) - vōx + Alex Vincent
08) Plan the Escape (Sirens and Tremors) - Kilmanzego
09) Lanterns Lit (Singing Light) - Omari Jazz

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