Sonic Youth

Live In Bremen 1991 Digital Download


Digital download of Sonic Youth's show at the Aladin in Bremen on 27.08.1991 in both WAV and mp3 format.



Live in Bremen was recorded at the Aladin Music Hall on August 27 1991, just halfway through the 12 day European tour that would later become immortalized in The Year Punk Broke documentary directed by our friend Dave Markey. In Bremen we returned to the familiar - a smaller-sized indoor venue - after playing to gargantuan, surreal-sized audiences at the Reading Festival and Pukkelpop. The Aladin had opened in 1977 and had hosted bands such as Golden Earring, Foghat and Blue Öyster Cult, but on this night Sonic Youth, Gumball and special guests Nirvana were on the bill. Two different bootleg SY records were released from this concert; The Mira Tapes, sourced from an audience recording and Live In Bremen, a semi-official bootleg picture disc with a Yoo-Hoo (a NJ-local chocolate beverage drink) bottle cap - supplied by the band - as the cover art. This concert was also the source for some of the audio used for The Year Punk Broke film score and it's subsequent short '(This Is Known As) The Blues Scale'. Now for the first time, and from our own audio source, the entire Sonic Youth in Bremen set (minus encore) is presented here (complete w/a tape-flip during I Love Her All The Time).


Live FOH sound by Terry Pearson
Digital transfer by Aaron Mullan
Remastered by Jeremy Lemos          

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