Hermanos Gutiérrez

Sonido Cosmico Clear LP


Leaving behind the desert for the cosmos, Hermanos Gutiérrez present a new sound world on their Sonido Cósmico, brimming with Latin mystique and otherworldly guitar interplay that "shimmers with hallucinogenic energy" (Rolling Stone). Deep, infinite, and spiritual, the new album is an odyssey through lush musical soundscapes, imbued with the soulful heritage of Hermanos Gutiérrez, and artfully produced by Dan Auerbach.


Side A:

Lágrimas Negras
Low Sun
Cumbia Lunar
El Fantasma
It’s All In Your Mind
Side B:

Sonido Cósmico
Barrio Hustle
Until We Meet Again
Los Navegantes
Luz Y Sombra
Misterio Verde

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