Sonic Youth

Goo (4LP deluxe box)


The 4xLP set includes 31 songs featuring the original album remastered and remixed/remastered versions of the band's 8-track demos.

Additional songs included are: the album out-take 'Lee #2' (previously unheard with vocals); rehearsal out-takes 'Tuff Boyz' and 'Isaac'; 'Can Song' (a never-before-heard demo of 'The Bedroom'); plus Beach Boys cover 'I Know There's an Answer'; 'Dr. Benway's House'- the band's contribution to William Burroughs' 'Dead City Radio' LP; the b-sides 'The Bedroom' and 'That's All I Know Right Now' (a cover of the Richard Hell/Tom Verlaine pre-Television group Neon Boys); and the promotion-only Goo Interview Flexidisk.

A 24 page full-color booklet (16 pages in the LP edition) is included with an interview-essay by Byron Coley, an essay by Mark Kates and never before seen photos.

Side 1
Dirty Boots
Tunic (Song for Karen)
Kool Thing

Side 2
My Friend Goo
Mildred Pierce

Side 3
Cinderella's Big Score
Scooter and Jinx
Titanium Expose

Side 4
Lee #2
That's All I Know (Right Now)
The Bedroom
Dr. Benway's House
Tuff Boyz

Side 5
Number One (Disappearer)
Titanium Expose

Side 6
Dirty Boots
Corky (Cinderella's Big Score)
My Friend Goo

Side 7
Bookstore (Mote)
Animals (Mary-Christ)
DV 2 (Kool Thing)
Blowjob (Mildred Pierce)

Side 8
Lee #2
I Know There's an Answer
Can Song

Goo Interview Flexi
1. Hallowe'en
2. Death Valley '69
3. Intro / Brave Men Run (In My Family)
4. I Love Her All The Time
5. Ghost Bitch
6. I'm Insane
7. Kat 'n' Hat
8. Brother James
9. Kill Yr Idols
10. Secret Girl
11. Flower
12. The Burning Spear
13. Expressway To Yr Skull
14. Making the Nature Scene

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