Laura Gibson

If You Come To Greet Me CD

Jewel Box Release

01.This Is Not The End
02. Hands In Pockets
03. Nightwatch
04. Broken Bottle
05. Wintering
06. Small Town Parade
07. Country, Country
08. Certainty
09. The Longest Day

Gibson demonstrates a confident finger picking style while bathing the punctuated notes in her languorous vocal phrasing. It's haunting. And it's perfectly bolstered with gorgeous, warm, orchestral arrangements that never detract from the melodic backbone of Gibson's songwriting.

By the end of the sessions, almost all the members of Norfolk and Western, enthusiastically lent performances. The latter two were so pleased with the outcome they signed up to back Gibson whenever their schedules allowed. Wayne Miller filled out the troupe with tasteful, loping upright bass lines and Alex James (Dolorean) stopped in to sing a few bars.

If You Come To Greet Me demonstrates a rich tapestry of emotion over nine songs--hope, ennui, reflection, inspiration, loneliness, happiness and yearning--all stitched together with a steady songwriting hand, where imagery dovetails with melody in an irresistible way. One can almost conjure up main street Coquille, Oregon, or for that matter Hometown, Anyplace, where the people, sky and land are all a little more well-acquainted, for better and for worse, and the human dramas unfold ordinary and extraordinary, depending on how you look at it.

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